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Fran Drescher, Please Adopt Me! is a solo show pitch to get Fran Drescher to adopt me, a parentless millennial. 


Growing up with the TV show "The Nanny" as my nanny led me to the love of Fran - and now as a clueless adult, I mean, who couldn't use a Jewish mother?! 

 The first run of this comedic

cabaret (written & produced & starring myself, directed by Arianna Taxman) sold out Dixon Place and was mentioned in The New York Times article about Fran Drescher quoting: 

"The actor Isabelle Owens will mount a one-woman song-and-dance show dedicated to Drescher in New York this month, called “Fran Drescher, Please Adopt Me!” “As everything from the ’90s comes back, people are rediscovering her,” Owens said, noting Drescher’s fashion, her confidence, and her voice; Owens is still working to perfect her impersonation. “There are so many layers to it,” she said. “It’s so delicate and lyrical.”

The show was given an extension at Dixon Place after the first sold out performance in February 2020.

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